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Internet Free in the whole hotel

Our technical services

  1. Connection and freedom to move are the advantages of our technology.


Whether you need it for your job or in your spare time, the Hotel Vela gives its guests the possibility to use a high-speed internet connection that is available in the hole hotel because of the wireless technology. Moreover those who have a portable PC without this technology can ask for a PCMCIA card at the reception. And for guests who don’t have a portable PC we can provide one, so you can be always in contact with those you want, in the calm of your room, at the bar drinking a good coffee or something else.INTERNET WI FI FREE.


At the arrival every guest gets a magnetic key with transponder system that gives the possibility to open the entrance door of the hotel at every time. The same key opens the room door and the door of the underground garage that leads directly in the hotel. One key offers access everywhere and assures complete freedom like at home!










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